Program Design and Management

Program Governance

Parent Policy Council

The Laramie Head Start Policy Council is comprised of parent representatives, one from each of the four classrooms, and three community representatives. The representatives are elected each fall and serve one-year terms. Each representative my serve for a total of three terms. The Policy Council meets on a monthly basis to work with the management team members, make decisions for the program and recommend action to other committees.

Governing Board

The Laramie Child Development/Laramie Head Start Board of Director’s is comprised of member of the community including financial experts, legal experts, early childhood experts, and other professionals. They are chosen based on expressed interest and area of expertise and experience working with non-profits. The Board of Director’s is responsible for the legal and fiscal responsibility for Head Start and the safeguarding of federal funds.


Board Members:

Dave Weston – Board President

Drew Johnson – Board Vice President

Lawrence Perea – Board Treasurer

Mary Ann Meyer – Community Member

Tricia Giovacco Johnson – Community member

Kimberly Raska-Miller – Community member

Ashli Tomisich – Community member

Catherine Black-Ward – Community Member

Karen Lundahl – Policy Council Liaison



Executive Head Start Director – Lindsey Spriggs

Assistant Director / Early Childhood Coordinator – Crystal Ballard

ERSEA Manager – Amber Hutchinson

Family Advocate – Thais Humphreys

Health Coordinator – Shannon Blanken

HR and Fiscal Coordinator – Steve Maki