As a volunteer, you can have a purpose and meaning and feel valued by an organization. You will also have the opportunity to socialize and network with people who are driven and inspired by what they do. Your contribution will be rewarded with a feeling of joy and satisfaction. Many community members, including yourself or someone you know, may need help from others someday. Volunteering now may help you accept that assistance if the time comes.

Flexible Volunteering
Volunteer times are flexible! You may volunteer when and where you can. Laramie Head Start offers volunteer opportunities Monday through Thurs from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Other opportunities are also available during special events. Volunteers may choose short-term service events, special projects and community projects, or pledge long-term volunteer commitment by participating in office work, volunteer groups or internships. You can share a special skill or talent, come read or cook with children, or help teachers perform daily tasks!

Impact lives and improve the health of our community by volunteering with any of our wide variety of on-going opportunities ranging from youth sports to our victims advocate volunteers. We have an opportunity that fits every age.